Knotwork's features

The software basically consists in a geometric graph editor, which automatically recomputes the knotwork according to user changes. Different 'knotwork design' are available.

Basic editing

Knotwork offers the base function to create and edit a geometric graph (graph whose vertices are planar points).

Knotwork creation

By default, the knotwork is automatically created with the graph. It is possible to modify it, either by moving vertices and edges, or by changing the 'type' of an edge. Each edge is associated with one of the following types:

Graphical options

Manipulating the knotwork

Some functions are devoted to global manipulation of the knotwork or of its underlying graph.

Planned features

Some of the features which are planned for development:

Known bugs and limitations

There are some stability problems with certain edge configurations. Also, some graphical options are not yet available (like threads width). Logo