What is knotwork ?

Interested by celtic, viking and arabic knotworks, I've started to develop a java application, based on the Christian Mercat method, to work on every kind of knotworks.


The method is descrived on the web page of Christian Mercat. It consists in first creating a graph, composed of nodes and vertices. Then, 2 links of the knotwork are associated to each edge of the graph. By linking links from edges to links of neighbour edges, a beautiful knotwork is created !

As the linking process can be tedious, it can be interesting to use computer to do it. This is the aim of this application.

What does it do ?

Basically, the program allows to create a graph by placing vertices, and linking them. The knotwork is created automatically around the graph ! Modification of the graph involves modifications of the knotwork.

Other features of the program includes global knotwork processing (like dual graph, pruning of the graphj), graphical helps (like the use of a background image, grid snapping...), and load/save of created knotworks.

A detailed list of features is given in the corresponding page.

Knotwork is written in Java, so it is platform-independent, and run on Windows as wellas on Linux. It is distributed under the term of the LGPL, that is it is free to use, and you ca freely modify the source.

Download It !

The best is to use the download page of the project hosted on sourceforge.
You can also consider the download page for some instructions.

Get involved

If you're interested in the devlopment, you can study the code source, and eventually join the development team. The project is hosted on sourceforge, and uses subversion repository of the source, forums, and development wiki (mainly for developers).

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